Freud on the Beach

Why we decided to start our service:

We love stories in every possible form, from videogames to films and books, to those that are constantly around us and we experience everyday. It‘s not an esoteric matter, but, in a wayparticipating in stories means living more, so maybe theres some kind of magic in it.

We are psychologists and games designers; an unusual combination! But when we said we were psychologists last year at Gamescom, everybody showed real enthusiasm – and this surprised us. We usually see ourselves as underpaid nomad magicians with psychic powers, but others seemed to see us as professionals in sunglasses on the beach, drinking cocktails while reading Freud. “There might be some potential in our double identity,” we thought (sipping our cocktails).

As psychologists, we have studied and practiced a lot about people personalities and this has proven very useful in our work as game designers. We have the professional capabilitto understand relationships between stories, personalities and physical appearance.

The idea to create Britma Design came about after finishing the graphic part of our first videogame, Nando’s World (now under beta). During this experience we discovered we love to invent characters, putting together narrative capabilities with scientific competences.

Britma aims to extend the imagination and creation of characters to other people’s graphic products.

How it works:

We work on graphic products as games and cartoons, creating characters with their own stories, finding artists and directing them for the creation of graphical concepts.

Basically, a client sends us an idea, a pre-idea or just expresses his/her need for characters of a certain product. For example, the client can send us some lines with references about the potential character and we take them though the process until the creation of the final concept.

We like to work on characters with recurring roles and functions in a story, and characters which require a wider psychological and narrative structure.

In relation to our clients’ needs, we can “give life” (hopefully not as Frankenstein) to characters which do not consist merely of an ensemble of elements, such as brave, strong, cruel. Instead, we create an individual structure of personalities for our characters. Their contradictions, ambivalences and silent spaces create a harmonic, or disharmonic, realistic identity similar to how people perceive themselves in their daily lives.

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